Being ill is hard work. But your finances don’t have to be.

What is Critical Illness Cover?

Critical illness Cover pays out a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness.
This lets you focus on getting better instead of worrying about if the bills are paid.

  • Protect your family and home.
  • Covers you for up to 125 illnesses.
  • Includes cover for children (up to £25,000).
  • We can find policies from just £10 per month.^

What illnesses are covered?

Most policies have a pretty comprehensive list of illnesses that are covered. Our expert advisers are legendary at guiding you through this type of stuff, so if you need any help just ask!

A typical list of conditions covered would usually include:

Critical illness Definition
Aorta graft surgery requiring surgical replacement
Aplastic anaemia with permanent bone marrow failure
Bacterial meningitis resulting in permanent symptoms
Benign brain tumour resulting in either surgical removal or permanent symptoms
Blindness permanent and irreversible
Cancer excluding less advanced cases
Cardiac Arrest with insertion of a defibrillator
Cardiomyopathy of specified severity
Coma with associated permanent symptoms
Coronary artery by-pass grafts with surgery to divide the breast bone or thoracotomy
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) resulting in permanent symptoms
Deafness permanent and irreversible
Dementia including Alzheimer’s disease resulting in permanent symptoms
Encephalitis resulting in permanent symptoms
Heart attack of specified severity
Heart valve replacement or repair with surgery
HIV infection caught from a blood transfusion, physical assault or accident at work
Kidney failure requiring permanent dialysis
Liver failure of advanced stage
Loss of hand or foot permanent physical severance
Loss of speech total permanent and irreversible
Major organ transplant from another donor
Motor neurone disease resulting in permanent symptoms
Multiple sclerosis where there have been symptoms
Multiple system atrophy resulting in permanent symptoms
Open heart surgery with median sternotomy
Paralysis of limb total and irreversible
Parkinson’s disease resulting in permanent symptoms
Primary pulmonary hypertension of specified severity
Progressive supranuclear palsy resulting in permanent symptoms
Removal of an eyeball due to injury or disease
Respiratory failure of advanced stage
Spinal stroke resulting in symptoms lasting at least 24 hours
Stroke resulting in symptoms lasting at least 24 hours
Systemic lupus erythematosus with severe complications
Third degree burns covering 20% of the surface area of the body or 20% of the face or head
Traumatic brain injury resulting in permanent symptoms


Note: This table is a rough guide only. Each policy has its own list of covered conditions.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

We absolutely can cover pre-existing conditions. But it’s super important you give us full details of your medical history – no porkies!

Are my children covered too?

Yes. Most of our insurers include up to £25,000 of cover for your children as standard. This means if one of your children is diagnosed with a serious illness you can make a claim.

What’s the difference between Critical Illness & Terminal Illness Insurance?

The difference between these two is simple. Critical Illness Cover pays out as soon as you’ve been diagnosed with a specific condition. Terminal Illness Insurance only pays out if you get diagnosed & your doctor expects you to die in the next 12 months (you have to be terminally ill). This makes Critical Illness Cover is a way more comprehensive option.

“Options can be confusing. But my favourite part of the job is helping people find what they really need!”

Dan Fitchett - Neilson Place Financial Adviser

Can I combine Critical illness with a Life Insurance policy?

Absolutely! Loads of people do & we think it’s a great option. This means you’ll be covered if you get seriously ill or die. Meaning you’ve got double the protection.

Does Critical Illness Cover come with any extra benefits?

Sure does! Most of our insurers included their own extra perks alongside Critical Illness Cover. Our expert advisers always keep their eyes peeled for these, to make sure you aren’t missing a trick.

Some perks you might find are:

  • Private medical support
  • Discounts & rewards at select retailers
  • Best doctors (Get a second medical opinion to make sure you’ve got the right diagnosis)

Key points:

Does Critical Illness Insurance actually payout? - On average 96%** of claims successfully payout.

The average Critical Illness policy in the UK costs £25 - we can find policies from just £10 per month.

You pay a monthly fee - and if you get seriously ill a lump sum of money is paid out.

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